Rumah Hujan at a glance

  • Infinity salt water pool
  • Wifi
  • Fully staffed
  • 3 Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • 1 kitchens + 1 dining areas
  • Organic vegetable gardens
  • Badminton Court / Yoga Pavillion

Rumah Hujan is an example of modern, understated architecture at its best.  Perched on the edge above the river Wos and overlooking a lush tropical valley, it blends locally sourced materials, such as volcanic stones and reclaimed timber to sit harmoniously within the environment that surrounds it.  Flat and integrated into the land, Rumah Hujan is a luxurious 3 bedroom bungalow that enjoys unobstructed views of the picturesque jungle below.

Rumah Hujan is part of a larger estate, and shares common facilities with Sebun Kedis, the other house on the property where the owners live, and also Studio Jencquel, the French designer's office.  All share common access, parking, security, and gardens where fresh coconuts, papayas, passion fruit, mangoes, rambutan fruit, bananas, as well as fresh organic vegetables and herbs from the “potager” grow. 

With over 200sq.m. floor surface a large bamboo pavilion on the estate was designed and built by Ibuku (creators of the Green School) and Studio Jencquel.  The structure houses an indoor badminton court and its technical rubber flooring also serves multiple other functions, such as for instance yoga, pilates, kid’s playground, etc.



A: Badminton and Yoga Pavillion

B: Laundry

C: Sebun Kedis _ Owner's House

D: Sebun Kedis _ Studio Jencquel

E: Rumah Hujan (Floorpan)

A small and unpretentious Balinese door marks the entrance to Rumah Hujan.  Past it’s threshold lies a mysterious and sinuous garden pathway leading to the social areas of the home and disclosing the breathtaking views that lie beyond it.

The living-room and the dining-room share a lofty open space of approximately 60 sq. m.

A large ironwood table that can seat up to 12 people is conveniently placed within proximity of the modern fully equipped live-in kitchen and pantry, strengthening the sensation of a family space, while allowing an easy transition of dishes between both areas.

Two larger-than-life sofas and a pair of Danish armchairs allow for comfortable lounging around an impressive Carrara marble coffee table.  Not to mention the possibility of a siesta in our handwoven hammock sourced in the depths of the Venezuelan jungles! 

A quick plunge into our infinity salt water pool, overlooking the valley below, is only a few steps away from literally anywhere in the house.   The swimming pool is 15m long by 4m wide, with an even depth of 1,45m and is adjacent to a large timber deck and outdoor seating/lounging/tanning areas.

Past the social areas a small corridor leads to the sleeping quarters.  All three bedrooms, nestled into the northern end of the bungalow, are facing East and are immersed in golden, early morning, sunrise light.

Paloma's Room (Room#1 )*: With a surface of 23sq. m. the first room is probably also the cosiest of all rooms.  Tropical hardwood-timber flooring, a queen sized bed, a desk & chair,  air conditioning, and a bathroom with outdoor shower, are some of this room’s features.

Cinnamon Room (Room#2)*: With a surface of 25q. m. this is the largest room. Similar to Room#1 with tropical hardwood-timber flooring, Room#2 has a king sized bed, a small sofa, a TV, and a console replacing the desk.  It is also equipped with an air conditioning and a ceiling fan, as well as with a mosquito net.  The room has it’s own bathroom with outdoor shower.

Master Suite (Room#3)*: With a surface of 22 sq.m. this room is the master suite.  The feeling of absolute immersion into the surrounding nature is enhanced by the glass doors and windows that replace walls.  Also equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fan. The suite’s circulation allows direct access to the bathroom from the outside, and also has a walk in wardrobe, a bathtub and a Japanese “washlet" toilet. The shower is outside below the skies and stars.

*Note:  All rooms are equipped with A/C, ceiling fan, and a safety deposit box.

Within convenient walking distance to some of Ubud’s finest dining venues (Uma Cucina, Room4Desert, Naughty Nuries, Mosaic) this home has been carefully designed to provide a sense of shelter and privacy from the hustle and bustle of Asian street life, while staying open and in proximity to its stunning engulfing nature.


We would like to welcome you and say: “Come up to Ubud, take off your shoes and slow down.